MALU BHALU – Unit 10 Chapter 1 TEXTBOOK SOLUTIONS – CBSE Class 5 English

You will go through Textbook Questions And Answers Of CBSE Board Class 5 MALU BHALU Unit 10 Chapter 1. Understanding a text’s entirety is very important for a learner to score better in the exam. Efforts have been made to ensure a thorough and proper Textbook Questions And Answers Of CBSE Board Class 5 MALU BHALU Unit 10 Chapter 1.

MALU BHALU - Unit 10 Chapter 1 TEXTBOOK SOLUTIONS - CBSE Class 5 English


1. Where did the polar bear live with her family?
  • The polar bear lived with her family in a bone chilling lair.
2. What did Malu learn to do from her parents?
  • Malu figured out how to get little and hotshot. She took in every one of the things her folks knew.
3. Where did Malu want to travel?
  • Malu needed to go past the blue sky and needed to go out of sight play.
 4. What was it that Malu’s parents wanted her to learn?
  • Malu’s parents needed her to figure out how to swim.
5. Was Malu scared to swim? Did she learn it easily?
  • Indeed, Malu was terrified to swim. Yet, soon her dread was no more. She figured out how to swim without any problem.
6. Read the last two stanzas of the poem. Whom does ‘she’ stand for in both?  
  • In the last two verses of the stanzas, ‘she’ represents Malu’s mom. 


Now write a detailed character sketch of Malu Bhalu.

Malu was a female bear. She was youthful. Her hair was white and splendid. She was astute and figured out how to get fish, she was brave. She was eager to go far away from home. Yet, she did how to swim. Her mom showed her how to swim. However, she before long figured out how to swim normally with her mom.


Read the following passage carefully.

 One day Meena plucks a mango and brings it home. Her grandmother gives the larger piece to Raju because he is a boy. Meena protests. After all, she brought the mango and she is the elder of the two. She insists she has a greater right over her share. Her father comes to her help and divides the mango equally.

Now answer the questions.
(i) Who brought the mango home?
  • Meena brought the mango home.
(ii) Why did Meena’s grandmother give a larger piece to Raju?
  • Meena’s grandma gave a bigger part to Raju on the grounds that he was a kid.
(iii) Who do you think should have got the larger piece?
  • I figure Meena ought to have the bigger part.
1. Using the following clues write about yourself in the space below — name, place you live in, physical features, habits, likes and dislikes etc.
  • My name is Sam. I’m twelve years of age. I live in a Himachal town. I’m 1.20 meters tall. I have light complexion, dark hair, and dim eyes. I have a sharp nose and white shining teeth. I never talk boisterously. I like understanding storybooks. I don’t eat non-vegan.
2. What are the things your mother asks you to do?

      Things you like to do                                        Things you do not like to do

  • Taking care of my infant sibling                         getting angry for no reason
  • Playing games.                                                     Telling lies
  • Aiding my parents                                                getting up too early
  • Getting things done                                               make things dirty


3.  Malu lived with Malu’s parents in the North Pole. Malu had great fun with Malu’s seagull friends.

One day, Malu’s father told Malu that the hunters had come to trap Malu and Malu’s family. Malu knew how to hide very well Malu shut Malu’s eyes and curled up like a ball of snow. The hunters searched for Malu and Malu’s family everywhere but in vain. We can avoid repeating the names by using certain other words in their place. Study the table below.

person speaking
person spoken to
other persons
places, things
I, me
he, him she, her
we, us
they, them

Now rewrite the above paragraph using words from the above table.

  • Malu lived with her folks in the North Pole. She had a good time with her seagull companions. At some point, her dad disclosed to her that trackers had come to trap her and her family. She knows how to shrouded quite well. She shut her eyes can be nestled into a chunk of snow. The trackers looked for her and her family wherever however to no end.

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