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TEAMWORK ( JAN NIGRO ) - Unit 2 Chapter 1 TEXTBOOK SOLUTIONS - CBSE Class 5 English


Complete the following sentences.

1. If nobody passes the ball in a basketball game, then you can’t shoot the ball.

2. In a relay race, if no one passes the baton, then no one can play the game .


1. Name the team members needed for the following.

(i) To play cricket we need batsmen, bowlers, fielders, coaches

(ii) To make a film we need director, producer, writer singer actor actress , choreographer, crew members.

(iii) To run a good school we need principal, vice principal, teachers, students staff.

(iv) To run a restaurant we need managers, cooks, customers, waiters.

2. Complete the sets of rhyming words. One has been done for you.

  • Answers are done below.
 Words from the poemteamplusdonehoopshootgoaljoy
 Your own wordsbeambusbunloopbootsoultoy

3. Read the poem

For Want of a Nail

For want of a nail the shoe was lost, For want of a shoe the horse was lost, For want of a horse the rider was lost, For want of a rider the battle was lost, For want of a battle the kingdom was lost, And all for the want of a horseshoe nail!

Now form questions for the answers given in the speech bubbles

Q – Why the shoe was lost?

A. The shoe was lost because of the nail.

Q –Due to what the shoe was lost?

A. The kingdom was lost because the battle could not be fought.

Q –what is the reason of losing the battle?

A. The battle was lost because there was no rider.

Q-what was the reason due to which the rider lost?

Now make three more questions and answers from the poem, Team work.

Q –what is the benefit of teamwork?

A –teamwork can make dreams come true.

Q –what is the reason due to which the horse lost?

A –the shoe was the reason due to which the horse was lost/

Q –where we should put our eyes on?

A –common goals should be the first where we should put our eyes on.


Look at the picture and answer the questions in one sentence, using the word clues given in the box.

  • Kindly see the picture carefully.

1. Who is laying the bricks?

:- A  mason is laying the bricks.

Plumber      mason         electrician      painter         labourer  Carpenter   gardener 

2. Who is holding the ladder?

:-A labourer is holding the ladder.

 3. Who is the man on the ladder?

:-An electrician  is on the ladder.

 4. Who is making the door?

:-A carpenter is making the door.

 5. Who is painting the walls?

:-A painter is painting the walls.

Now make up a story about the picture. Give names to the people. Write the story showing the importance of teamwork.

Disclaimer: This is a sample story provided to you. Students are advised to write the answers based on the student’s imaginative skills.

  • Once upon a time there were five friends. They became friends in the working site. All of them were very hardworking. They had a contract of making a house within a 1 year. And the person also was willing to pay double amount of money. One of them was Rishi. He was a carpenter. The other man was Manish. He was a plumber.  The third man was Ramesh. He was a painter. The fourth man was a labourer. His name was kalu. The fifth was a mason named Ravi .All of them were tensed and excited too. Manish said lets show our teamwork to others. They took the contract and started the work. Day by day passed and after 1 year the house was ready. They became so happy for their hardworking skills. They took the money and went back hope, bought some clothes for their family. And they became so happy.


1. In groups of five, discuss what you enjoy doing alone and what you like doing in a group.

              Now prepare a list as shown below.

Things I like doing aloneThings I like doing in a group
Reading a bookGoing for a picnic.
Watching tvGoing for a shopping
Doing homeworkPlaying video games
2. In your family, what activities are done individually and as a group?

My mother decides what would be cooked for breakfast, dinner, lunch.

My father decides where to spend or invest his income.

I decide which subject to study and when.

We decide to make each family member happy.

3. In a group, mime an activity (picnic, fair/mela, cricket match etc.) which you enjoy. The rest of the class should guess the activity and say whether it is done in a group/alone.
  • To be done by yourself.



Answer- solutions done below.

2. Let’s write a poem.

I have a kite but need a friend to fly it with,

 I know a song but need someone to hear it,

 I have a ball but need someone to catch it,

 I have some water colours but need someone to paint it,

 I had a video game but need someone to share with,

 I have a balloon but need someone to play it with,


Make groups of ten and present one of the following activities in class.

Skit          song                 dance                    painting a chart for class   make paper bags from old newspaper


–>We sometimes use short forms for some words. For example, we use I’m for I am and I’ve for I have. These shortened words are called contractions.

–>The mark ( ‘ ) is an apostrophe which shows where the letters are left out. Now read together.

We will — we’ll            cannot — can’t                we have — we’ve                   you have — you’ve     there is — there’s      what have — what’ve we are — we’re          they are — they’re
1. Write the contractions for the following phrases.

Has not – hasn’t

Have not – haven’t

Do not  – don’t

Are not – aren’t

2. Write the full forms for the following.

 Weren’t- were not

She’ll- she will

Wasn’t- was not

Who’s- who is

TEAMWORK Unit 2 Chapter 1

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