You will go through Textbook Questions And Answers Of CBSE Board Class 5 MY ELDER BROTHER Unit 4 Chapter 2. Understanding a text’s entirety is very important for a learner to score better in the exam. Efforts have been made to ensure a thorough and proper Textbook Questions And Answers Of CBSE Board Class 5 MY ELDER BROTHER Unit 4 Chapter 2.



1. What are the things that Munna liked to do?
  • Little munna likes to play football, kabaddi, volleyball, play gulidanda, drawing pictures, flying kites.
2. What did Bhaiya do all day?
  • Bhaiya studies his books and notes all day. He also writes the words more than twenty times so that he can learn them properly.
3. Why was Munna not happy with the timetable that Bhaiya made for him?
  • There was no scope to play, there is no time mentioned for playing only study and study due to which Munna was not happy at all.
4. How do you think Munna felt when his brother was so strict with him? Why was Bhaiya so strict with him?
  • Munna felt so disappointed and at the same time heartbroken because of Bhaiya’s strictness.

Bhaiya felt that he should look after Munna as he was the elder brother. Elder brother always had a responsibility of small Munna so that he doesn’t waste his time playing instead of wasting time playing he could focus on his studies.

5. Whose character do you like more — Munna’s or Bhaiya’s? Why?
  • I loved Bhaiya’s character more than Munna because he had felt the responsibility of being an elder brother. He looks after his brother’s study, made him a timetable to follow which subject to study and when. Though Munna was upset with Bhaiya but he has done the right thing for him. So that he cannot waste time in playing instead of that he can study harder and score better than his Bhaiya.


1. Do you have a timetable at school?
How many periods are there for the following subjects and activities in one week?
  • Do it yourself.
English ___, Hindi ___, Maths ___, Science ___, Social Studies ____, Games ___, Art ___, Craft ____, Music ____, Dance _____, Any other activity? ____                                                                                                              
2. Now make a timetable for yourself including your study time and your play time.
  • Do it yourself.


The format of a letter is given to you.
Letters to friends and close family are written in the same way as you speak to them.

Krishna Boys’ Hostel                                                                                writer’s address

Model Public School Kolkata

10th July, 2000                                                                                                     date

My dear Ma,                                                                                                   greeting

 This is my first letter after the summer vacations. We started our classes the day after we reached the hostel. I have settled in well.


We have a new teacher for clay modelling and pottery. She tells us how to make fruits and vegetables with clay. We then paint them. They look so real.

 We have an inter-house poetry recitation coming up in August. I am really excited about it. It is a long poem but we learn it together with our teacher.


It is nice to be back in school with my friends and teachers. I remember you and Baba a lot. Give my love to grandmother and grandfather.


Do write back soon.

Your loving son

Pratap                                                                                                           closing

1. After reading the letter, answer the following questions.

(i) Who has written the letter? Pratap

(ii) To whom has the letter been written? To his mother.

(iii) Where is the writer of the letter?  He stayed in the boy’s hostel.

(iv)What is the name of his hostel? Krishna Boys’ Hostel

(v) On which date was this letter written? 10th July, 2000

2. Now, write a letter to your friend or relative in another city telling him/her about activities/events in your school.
Follow the same pattern as the above letter.

Gopal Boys’ Hostel                                                                                            writer’s address

Shrada public school, delhi

10th march, 2008                                                                                                              date

My dear Manas,                                                                                                           greeting

This is my first letter which I am writing you with lots of best wishes and love. How are you? I hope you are doing well and I am also well.


I wrote you this letter to let you know about our school events which will be held on the annual sports day. We are practicing so hard for the events.


We will have a competition between groups and the winner will be awarded a trophy and certificate. I am so excited about that day. We have kabaddi, 100m race, short-put, discus throw, long jump, high jump, and many more. I wish you could come and watch me participating in the events.                                                                                                                                 ending

Write back soon if you can come. I will be so happy to see you.

Your loving friend,

Raj                                                                                                                                  closing


Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

Oliver was a nine-year-old boy. He lived with other homeless boys in an orphanage. He was pale and thin as were the other boys living there. This was because they had to work hard but were never given enough to eat. The owner of the orphanage, Mr. Bumble, was a cruel man and he ill-treated the boys.

 The boys were always hungry It was true that they were given three meals a day but each meal consisted only of a bowl of watery soup. They were almost starving. So it was decided by them to ask the master for more soup. But who would bell the cat? Finally the task fell to Oliver.

 When all the boys had assembled in the cold stone hall for their evening meal, the soup was served. It soon disappeared. The boys whispered to one another and one boy pushed Oliver a little. Oliver, making a brave effort, stood up, walked up to the master with his bowl and spoon in his hand, and said tremblingly, “Please sir, I want some more.”

  1. Why did Oliver live in the orphanage?
  • Oliver was an orphan. He doesn’t have any parent that is the reason why he lived in the orphanage.
  1. Who was Mr. Bumble?
  • Mr. Bumble was a cruel man who was the owner of the orphanage.
  1. What meals were the boys given?
  • The boys were given a bowl of soup which was so watery.
  1. What did Oliver say to Mr. Bumble?
  • Everyone pushed Oliver in front he told the owner Mr. Bumble that he want more soup.
  1. The boys were given three meals a day. Then why were they always hungry?

 (i) Because the soup they were given was never enough.

(ii) Because they worked very hard all day long.

(iii) Because the older boys drank up their soup.

  • (i) Because the soup they were given was never enough.
6. Find the words from the passage that mean the same as

(i) Very hungry (para 2)………………………

  • Starving

(ii) To vanish (para 3)………………………….

  • Disappeared
7. ‘All the boys assembled in the cold stone hall.’ Here the word assembled means

(i) moved away

 (ii) collected

 (iii) Worked together

  • (ii) collected
8. From the word ‘assembled’ remove the last two letters. Add one letter to make a word which means a time at the school when the whole school gathers.

assembl ____

  • assembly
9. Give a suitable title to the passage.
  • Life of Oliver in the orphanage.


1. To learn means to understand or to gain knowledge.
     To teach means to show how or to explain.
    Complete the following sentences using the correct form of teach or learn.
learn         learns          learned      has learned         teach        teaches      taught       has taught

(i) Will you __________ me chess?

  • Teach

(ii) Mr. Sharma _________ Class VIII.

  • Teaches

 (iii) The students have ___________ about ‘road safety’.

  • Learned

(v) My sister has ___________ me how to ride a horse.

  • taught 

(v) I have ___________ some of the customs of India.

  • learned

(vi) I ________ how to cycle when I was just four years old.

  • learned
2. Choose the correct word and complete the paragraph.

 All the class V students of our school ______________ (were/ was) gathering in front of the Principal’s office. They _______ (were/was) going for the inter-school race. The bus __________ (arrive/ arrived) and they ___________ (leave/ left) for the stadium. The runners were ___________ (taking/ taken) to the starting point. The runners ________ (take/ took) their positions. Sir _________ (blow/ blew) the whistle. One student of our school _________ (run/ran) fast and __________ (come/ came) first. Everyone ________ (do/ did) their best and our school _______ (won/ wins) the trophy. Everyone ___________ (feel/ felt/ fell) joyous.


1. were

2. were

3. arrived

4. left,

5. taken,

6. took,

7. blew,

8. ran,

9. came,

10. did,

11. won,

12. felt

3. Read the following sentences.
  • Bhaiya has been studying in the same class for two years. (For a period of time)
  • Munna was flying kites since morning. (From a time in the past till the present)

Fill in the blanks using for or since.

   (i) I have lived in this house ______ I was a baby.

   (ii) This big jar has been in our family many years.

   (iii) The old banyan tree in the village has been there the last 200 years.

   (iv) Nobody has seen him ________ yesterday.


  1. Since
  2. For
  3. For
  4. Since


Choose a story that you like.

In groups of four, write down dialogues for the story and make it into a short play. You may then present it in the class. Do it yourself

MY ELDER BROTHER Unit 4 Chapter 2

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